DIESEL ENGINE OIL API SM Golden oil is an advanced technology lubricant designed from unique XHVI (group II) Base fluids and specially selected additive technology to meet needs of the low emission and high performance diesel engines. Performance Specifications/Standards Matched Performance Features & Benefits • The exclusive additive system delivers improved engine cleanliness & protection […]

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Why golden oil?

Why golden oil? The arch is the main supportive structure of your foot. If this arch loses strenght , the bony frame-work begins to collepse ,causing your foot to flatten . like a sagging bridge , the weakness in the middle , strains the joints at both ends of your foot.

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HYDRAULIC OIL Hydroteated mineral base fluids and unique zine-free additive technology to offer improved preformance capable of meeting the demands of the most modren non-greared steam turbine systems and light duty gas trubines Preformance specifications/standards matched Performance Features & Benefits • Longer oil life with smooth operations. • Outstanding themal stablitiy at very high temperature. […]

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