November 5, 2016


Hydroteated mineral base fluids and unique zine-free additive technology to offer improved preformance capable of meeting the demands of the most modren non-greared steam turbine systems and light duty gas trubines
Preformance specifications/standards matched
Performance Features & Benefits
• Longer oil life with smooth operations.
• Outstanding themal stablitiy at very high temperature.
• Stroung demulsibility power, air release capability and filiterability.
• Outsatanding filterability and good shear stability.
• Enhanced resistance to foaming and oxidantion.
• Long term corrosion,wear and rust protection.
• Improved compatibility with seals and soft metals.
• Low studging tendency and outstanding load carrying ability.
• Recommended for the lubrication of non-geated industrial stream and light dury gas turbines used in electric power generation, pipeline transmission, power take off and marine propulsion, using non-ferrous alloys, operationunder severe-sercice conditions.
Other uses are :
• Water turbine lubrication.
• Light duty or non-antiwear hydraulic system.
• Compressor applications.

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