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Why golden oil?
The arch is the main supportive structure of your foot. If this arch loses strenght , the bony frame-work begins to collepse ,causing your foot to flatten . like a sagging bridge , the weakness in the middle , strains the joints at both ends of your foot,

Golden oil is high-performance Synthetic motor oils and lubricants. It is pure virgin oil (Oman Petrol) blended with imported additives (chemical synthetic) based on international standard.
 GOLDEN OIL Specifications:
·  Ensures the long life of the engine,
·  Designed to help the engine to be in the best performance and minimize fuel consumption in all kinds of engines.
·  Keep the sensitive part of the engine clean.
·  Meet the quality requirements of major gasoline and diesel engine manufacturers.
·  Very good oxidation stability.
·  Low volatilization tendency.
·  High viscosity index.
·  Convincing detergent and dispersant properties.
·  Extremely high pressure susceptibility.
·  Designed for hot and cold starting properties.
·  Gives greater mileage when compared to regular oils.
·  Minimized environmental pollution.
·  Gives the best performance for the engine on high speed.
·  Golden oil follows the API/AECA standardization.